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Production expertise

With over a decade of production experience in the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle sectors we are proud to produce high quality creative digital content and platforms in all forms. We have extensive experience in video, photography and digital design. Creating TV commercials, campaign content, music videos, e-commerce platforms, apps and documentaries.

Photography & Video Production
Graphic Design,
UX & Digital Development

Our clients

Our clients

We're proud to be working with a diverse range of clients. Big and small, famous and soon to be famous. We build genuine relationships with our clients in order to fully understand their challenges and purpose. It is then our mission to then drive their business forward.

We create campaigns that shine

We combine sensible creativity with thoughtful audacity to create vibrant and highly engaging campaigns.

Strategic concept development  –––

Full pre and post production service  –––

Video and photography production –––

Graphic design and digital development  –––

Unrivalled talent  –––

Logistics and sample management  –––

Storyboarding and script writing  –––

Clearcast clearance  –––

Why do people
work with us?

Quite simply, we are experts in video, photography and digital design. Our Surrey based team of strategists and creatives work collaboratively, partnering with you to get to the heart of your business and generate ideas that engage your audience. We love removing the barriers between your business and ours, getting to know your audience and what really moves them.


"It is always a pleasure working with Seer and their creative team. We have worked with them for several years now and they really understand the brand and the direction we are heading in. Highly recommended."

Senior Marketing Manager, Original Penguin

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