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Why we're your experts in

Video & Photography

For the last few years we at Seer are proud to have worked closely with a wide range of world famous brands to create seasonal marketing content that has successfully been deployed across all mediums. Our experienced creative team understand the need for delivering engaging marketing content that delivers both visually and financially.

Our clients

Our clients

The brands featured in this case study trust our passionate team and enjoy working with them to create the most engaging content which reflects their brand’s DNA and their unique positioning. We serve as a one-stop shop for your shooting, styling and art directing needs.

Why do people
work with us?

We regularly work on a broad spread of marketing collateral which includes brand films, in store photography, dedicated social, still life, invisible mannequin, styling, production. Seer's world class photography team, whose passions range from beauty and fashion, to product and celebrity photography are ready to tell your story. Whether it’s portraiture, still life or landscapes, we will always provide the right artist for your project. 

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